Flamingo Land Update 2024

This is our first update for 2024! 

Today Flamingo Land opened for the February half-term so we thought we would visit and take a look around. 

Starting in the Zoo 

We watched the Sealion show and during the show, We learnt of some new arrivals to that part of the Zoo. Currently, they are away from the public but in a few weeks hopefully, you will be able to see them. Can you guess what they are? 

New Home for the Lions

With the construction work on the Lost River Ride, the lions have moved and now live in one-half of the double Tiger enclosure. This is just temporary and are expected to return the original enclosure.

Black Rhino  

Back in October Flamingo Land welcomed a new Black Rhino called Glyn from Folly Farm in Wales as part of a breeding program. Now the barrier has been removed and access to the top walkway is now open so on your next visit be sure to check out the Black Rhinos. 


Currently, access to the zoo from Kumali is closed. This is due to the development of that area. 

The Coach House

The Coach House is undergoing refurbishment so while it is closed the Metropolis Bar & Grill is open. 

Theme Park 

No major changes but we have noticed the Teacups that disappeared in October are now back and it was good to see a selection of rides open today including Mumbo Jumbo, Cliffhanger and Twistosaurus also The Balloon Ride has had a repaint. 

Leisure Complex 

The Splash Zone is undergoing refurbishment and is expected to reopen in early March. 

The Pirates of Zanzibar 

Captain Plunder and his crew have gone to explore the Seven Seas of Rhye and the back heart has been taken over by… Pirates! A new crew have their feet on the deck and along with a new show comes a new show time of 12 pm and 2 pm  

The Lost River Ride

If you have been following the updates then we have a new one… 

Lost River Ride

Heading For The Drop!!!

Yes, we are back with another update, slightly delayed due to the weather conditions, we have a mix of photos from Saturday and Sunday. From our


The Lost River Ride Update

Just over a week ago, The Lost River ride closed and became fenced off to the public. Currently, we can not say if the ride will be removed, repaired or modified and Flamingo Land Resort has not released any information as of today on what work is taking place.