The Lost River Ride

Construction Updates

Heading For The Drop!!!

Yes, we are back with another update, slightly delayed due to the weather conditions, we have a mix of photos from Saturday and Sunday. 
From our last update (last week) not much has changed, The new ride entrance looks to be getting battens attached to the outside for panelling to be attached or a rock theme to fit in with the ride. In the distance, more fencing is going up with all of the original wooden fence bow removed.
Moving over to the lift hill, more sections of the water trough have been added and the turn is half complete heading for the drop! We expect around 10m of straight track before the drop and then into its run through the splash pool.

As you can see in the photos more parts are ready to be erected and it won’t be long before we see the final sections in place, as you expect we are back this Saturday for another update.