Flamingo Enclosure Construction

Welcome to the Lost Kingdom Safari - Wetlands Division

2022 was a busy year for the team at Flamingo land resort and that didn’t stop after the main season ended in November. Throughout the winter flamingo land has been working hard on a number of things at the theme park, zoo, and holiday resort but one of their projects that started back in September 2022 is now complete and it looks fantastic!

They have created this brilliant new home for the flamingos and its location could not be better. The area between the hippos and the lost river ride was once home to the white stalks and for some time we have felt this area was missing something but now it has a fresh look. The new enclosure features a rock-style building with an intermittent waterfall, a big pond with an island, and a new viewing hut. 

Visitors will be able to enter an observation hut that is open to the enclosure, this means you can experience the flamingos fly past right before your eyes! Along with the Flamingos, they are a flock of White-faced whistling ducks.

We have been following the construction from the start and now we are sharing our album with you! Next time you are at flamingo land take a look we would love to hear what you think. 

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