Yep its a SIK update!


Each week, each visit, each update, we get closer to our final construction write up and although it will be sad to write the last update it will be a big step forward in the future of the SIK project also known to many as “inversion”. 




Since testing started over a week ago we have seen it running each day, but with groundworks still ongoing it has been holding back when the ride can be operationa, but today all we have seen is test run after test run and ending the day with over 100+ runs. This huge ride is looking so smooth as it glides around the 10 inversions and the sound it gives of is so quiet!

Groundworks & Landscaping

Looking at the site the groundworks and landscaping are very minimal, from what we can see the pond still has some work required around the rocks and pond lining. Moving further back the two sections that drop below ground level from the cobra roll are waiting to be covered over to create some form of darkness in the dips. 

We expect these groundworks to be a week or two away from seeing them complete. 

On ride Features...

It just keeps getting better, not only do we have 10 inversions but some effects are to be added to the ride to give you that extra kick. 

The two low sections that drop below ground level have been painted black inside and will be filled with mist/fog. Keeping with the fog the final inversion leading into the semi enclosed station entrance the train will end up running through a “fog tunnel” before stopping at the loading area. 

The final turn follows the edge of a rather large pond that will play a big part in this feature! yes, you know, it’s water! As the riders pass by the pond streams of water will be sprayed into the air lightly catching the thrill seekers as they pass by. 

Retail Outlet

To the entrance of this new attraction, we reported a few weeks back that a steel frame unit had been erected and we quickly gathered this will be a retail outlet for the ride SIK!
Today we can now see a lot of the unit has been glazed with doors to the front and back making this a perfect walkthrough shop.

Thats SIK!

On Monday (30th May) we were the first to officially announce the name of this 2022 attraction.

SIK was revealed as its name and you can read all about the name choice HERE 

Note, this logo is not official and has been created by us for advertising only. 

Official POV

Today Flamingo Land Resort officially announced that SIK will open this JULY! 

No date has been confirmed with us but once we have confirmation we will be sure to post. 

Some SIK 360 Shots

Flamingo Lands Resorts Official Website

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