The Lost River Ride

Construction Updates

The Height is Confirmed!

One week later and we are back with another update! 

The first noticeable change is the lift hill, we can confirm this is the new height of the ride. Using the existing sections that were removed the ride is now getting rebuilt with a new layout from this point to the station. 

A large section of the Lion enclosure wall has been removed with just the vertical supports remaining, could this be an alteration to the size of the area, a new wall rebuild or a full glass wall and a new view area? The wall near the station is undergoing repairs to bring the Lost Kingdom effect back to life. 

We understand the current lion viewing platform will be removed and replaced with a high and low viewing area on the new structures that has been built. 

When looking at the area we can see it’s a huge area that is undergoing redevelopment and will look impressive once it is complete. 

As always we will be back very soon with a new update.