The Final SIK Construction Update!

The Last Update... Before The REVIEW!

So here it is, our final update before the grand official opening on Saturday the 2nd of July! 

Throughout the past 3 years, we have covered the construction process all the way and we are so excited to be at Flamingo land for the opening of SIK, we will be joined by our good friend Joe from Theme Park Insanity more about TPI further down.

Signage & Logos

No matter where you capture a photo from this ride just looks epic, and now, flamingo land has added its logo with the ride sitting just behind and we have to say we love it! 

Over at the ride’s entrance & retail shop, it’s not looking far from finished, all the signs are up including the logo! we have spotted that the ride’s minimum height is 1.4m. 

Theming & Special Effects

Flamingo Land has really pushed it on this project and went beyond our expectations, The whole station and train have been wrapped in its rustic union jack theme and it looks so SIK… 

The special effects we have mentioned in previous updates, mist, fountain, and water jets have all been part of the testing this weekend.

When to expect the review

As we mentioned earlier we will be there for the official launch, we will be riding SIK and checking out the fantastic acts on at party in the park down on the R1 stage. Our review will follow on Sunday so be sure to check back and will include a promo video from the day. 

Theme Park Insanity

More on Theme Park Insanity. As you know we (Flamingopics) we promote Flamingo Land Resort with our endless photos and promo videos but if your looking for vlogs then TPI is the place you need to check out. 

Theme Park Insanity, TPI for short, has covered the construction via vlogs on their Youtube channel. 

TPI Links 

Facebook – Visit

Youtube  – Visit

Website – Visit

Thats SIK!

On Monday (30th May) we were the first to officially announce the name of this 2022 attraction.

SIK was revealed as its name and you can read all about the name choice HERE 

Note, this logo is not official and has been created by us for advertising only. 

Official POV

Today Flamingo Land Resort officially announced that SIK will open this JULY! 

No date has been confirmed with us but once we have confirmation we will be sure to post. 

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