The Lost River Ride

Construction Updates

The Final Height?

As mentioned, The Lost River Ride is undergoing modifications and we understand the ride is to be lowered and extended, each visit we have seen sections have been removed and stored to the side and not left the site. During this week’s visit, we noticed the top of the lift hill that had been stored close to the lake is now positioned nearby to the remaining lift hill and supports are also stacked with access lifts.

From what we can see it looks like the height of the current lift hill will be the final height, and the top section is ready to be re-attached with the supports to be cut shorter. 

Now, we could be way off with this theory but another reason we think this is the plan is that 2 of the original boats have been moved back to the bottom of the lift hill, are these here to test the joints when re-constructed? we will just have to wait and see. 

Taking a look at the station, not much has changed inside but the far section where the riders would enter the station has been removed and what seems to be foundations going in, and just behind this is the new steel structure that is part of the new sea lion house. We noticed a viewing platform that will give visibility over the lion enclosure and sea lions and looks to offer the same underneath that will be a glass wall. The blockwork is now finished on the structure and looks to be themed to match the lion enclosure wall.

Our next update will be on Saturday 2nd March.