The Lost River Ride

Construction Updates

Slow Progress…

Not a great deal looks to have happened from what the visitors can see but work on the far side is taking shape. The top of the lift hill track is complete and looks ready for the motor and housing to be added. Looking at the layout the track will maintain that height and head towards the lake, turning left with the splash pool nearby the lake, But with nothing official to come from Flamingo Land just yet it’s still all speculation based on what we can see on each visit.

The Lion house has a new concrete pad to the side with anchor bolts ready for steel works, could this be an extension to the Lion house?  Looking more into the lion enclosure no further work has taken place on the wall that has been removed but we can see on the rear wall of the new sea lion house the framework has gone up to match it with the rest of the enclosure. 

Work also has started on the kiosk to the entrance, it looks like the roof is getting removed and the shop stripped out, again we will see more in our next update. 

Access is still shut off from VooDoo into the zoo. We will however be back this weekend for another update!