The Lost River Ride

Construction Updates

Mind the Gap!

We are back with another update covering this huge project that started in October last year and looks to run into next year, well, that’s our speculation! This week looking at the progress since our last update they are pushing on with the construction and not just the lost river ride, A new home for the Mangabey Monkeys is nearing completion and this will tie in with the lost river ride and the new sea lion & fur seals new home and from what we know these are designed and themed to a high standard. We look forward to seeing them complete but viewing is fairly restricted. The lion enclosure continues to be re-designed with landscaping, rock feature walls and a new viewing platform. 

The original ride station is in the same location but we are looking at new fencing that runs in queue lines on the side that was the original exit, the original entrance to the ride has been removed except for the ramp leading into the station. Now we could be way off here but we feel the ramp for the new monkey enclosure will link to the sealion enclosure viewing and the new Lost River ride exit! Again this is just speculation. The steel supports that have been installed in various areas for the ramps and platforms have been painted brown could this be a new colour scheme for the ride as well? 

Over the past few months, we have seen the kiosk removed to leave a shelter but now we have a fully enclosed glazed room with entrance doors. If this is the ride grand entrance it will work well for when the queue line shuts towards the end of the day. 

Moving over to the lift hill things are progressing very well, we can see more supports and the track has been constructed up to the point where the ride will turn left ready for the drop. More framework and piping are set ready to be erected and we expect this to be complete on our next visit. At the top of the lift hill, we still have a gap before the water tray, looking back at the original construction these two sections look to be together but now it’s formed about a 6m gap. 

We will be back next Saturday for another update.