The Lost River Ride

Construction Updates

Just Steel Remains!

it’s been a month since our last visit, we were not sure what to expect but instantly you can see the biggest change is the top section of the ride has been stripped back. All the side panels, track, power, water and lifting mechanism have been removed and we now just have a steel skeleton of the ride.

As we previously have said all the parts removed have been stacked and remain intact no signs of them getting scrapped access to the side from the station end has now been restricted from the cheetah circle, so visibility of work past this point is restricted.

Taking a look from the Greater Flamingos you can see the parts that have been removed but the view to where the splash pool was is restricted. 

But for now, that’s where it’s at and we look forward to our next visit! 

  • Before-Lost river Ride
    After-Lost river Ride
    March 2012 Lost river Ride December 2023