The Lost River Ride

Construction Updates

It’s All Coming Together

Since our last update, we have made a few visits, and visually not a lot looks to have taken place, but today we can see the reconstruction has taken a big step.

Starting with the lift hill, we can see the lifting mechanisms have been installed, and with the ride having a revamp a new control system and infrastructure will be installed to keep components up to date with new technology due to the original parts being over 20 years old. Following on from the lift hill we have a large gap on the structure between the top of the lift hill and the section where the boats drop into the water track. In previous photos, this “gap” looks to have been joint so this could be an area of interest!

More supports are prepped and ready to be erected along with part of the drop! It has been constructed on the ground and it won’t be long before we see this lifted into position. Plenty of work going on in this area and by the next update it will look a lot different.

Moving on over to the entrance, the old Lost River kiosk has been transformed and now has a new roof, windows, and entrance. As we have said before we are unsure if this will be a gift shop, the entrance to the ride, OR even both!

Looking beyond this to where the original ride entrance ramp was, a large number of steel supports have been in place for over a month and now we can see these are lining up with the ramp for the new primate enclosure. This potentially will be a new access bridge to the Sea Lion and Fur Seals viewing area with an underpass.

The Lost River Ride creates a loop around the Lion enclosure, and with all the work going on their enclosure will see some changes. The ground where one of the walls of the enclosure was has now been removed and formed a big open area that will be used for water storage for the ride and at this point, we are unsure if this will create a new viewing area for the lions from the Hippo viewing deck.

We currently have no time frame for when the ride/area is fully or partially open. No official announcement as of yet has been released by Flamingo Land.