The Lost River Ride

Construction Updates

Is The Lost River Ride about to become “Lost” in the Kingdom?

Just over a week ago, The Lost River ride closed and became fenced off to the public. Currently, we can not say if the ride will be removed, repaired or modified and Flamingo Land Resort has not released any information as of today on what work is taking place.

Looking at the “construction site”  to the left we can see the fence has been removed and hardcore has formed a hard-standing base over the train tracks and continues further to the lake, this section had trees removed and what looked like drainage installed last year. 

The fence alongside the “splash pool” has been removed along with a section of rocks to create access for machinery to enter the main section. The drop section rails have been removed along with the track, and the parts removed have been stacked on a pallet. The rest of the ride remains untouched except for the fencing on the queue line, which has been removed. 

The majority of the parts that have been removed are still in one piece so that could point towards them being re-used. 

We will keep you updated on our socials and website as progress continues.