Inversion Construction Update – 21st May 2022

A few weeks back we reported that the train had been added to the transfer track without its outer shell, now we can see the shell has been installed to the front car and what appears to be a similar colour that has been used on the unit located under the lift hill/drop. We expect the final design/stickers to be added after a series of tests to keep its name, sponsor or theme a secret! 

The train has moved in and out of the station over the past week we are unsure if this is part of the testing process or if it being outside is more practical to work on. 

On the north side of the station where the entrance is located a unit has been erected, at this moment nothing has been confirmed on what this unit will be. When taking a closer look we can see a number of tubes coming from the ground that will carry power and data cables leading us to think this could be a merch and on ride photo store.

Lastly in this update groundworks are nearing completion and the whole area has been transformed. The centre pond on the last turn has been themed with rocks and pipework placed under all that remains is a liner to be inserted and then filled with water, pathways have been cleared and trees/shrubs planted.  

The scaffolding that was around. the station has been removed and the solar panel installation is now complete, we are estimating test runs to start within a few weeks.

Construction Timeline

Coming next week is our construction timeline, we have taken some posts from our previous website and Facebook page and created a timeline filled with Information and photos from the start of this project all way to its current status. 

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