“Zooom!” is a fantastic ride for families and young children looking for a fun roller coaster experience. With its aviation theme and mild thrills, it provides an enjoyable adventure for both kids and adults. Riders are seated in airplane-themed cars that travel along a twisting and turning track. The ride includes gentle drops, curves, and helices, providing a sense of speed and excitement without being too intense.

The track layout is designed to be thrilling but not overwhelming, making it perfect for younger riders. Whether you’re introducing your children to their first roller coaster or looking for a ride that the whole family can enjoy together.

  • Height and Safety Requirements: There are height restrictions to ensure safety, with a minimum height requirement that typically allows most children to ride. Safety restraints are used to keep all riders secure during the ride.


Zooom Gallery


Location - Splosh
Category - Family Rides
Capacity - 22 Riders
Opened - 2011
Manufacturer - Zamperla
Restrictions - 107cm
unless accompanied by an adult


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