Are You Ready To Ride SIK?

SIK is the latest addition to Flamingo Land’s thrill-ride lineup and adds to their diverse attraction lineup! opening in 2022 sik has become very popular and is now classed as Flamingo Land’s signature roller coaster. 

Not only offering 10 inversions the station has an impressive look and atmosphere, once inside the music and lights get your adrenaline high before you even get on the ride. The ride restraints are solely lap bars that make the experience like no other at the park! 

The name SIK comes from a local fashion brand SIKSILK

The 10 inversions are as follows-

  1. Vertical Loop 
  2. Cobra Roll
  3. Cobra Roll
  4. Corkscrew 
  5. Corkscrew
  6. Hearline Rol
  7. Hearline Roll
  8. Hearline Roll
  9. Hearline Roll
  10. Hearline Roll
Sik Gallery


Location - Metropolis
Category - Thrill Rides
Capacity - 24 Riders
Inversions - 10
Opened - 2022
Manufacturer - Intamin
Restrictions - 140cm

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