Runaway Mine Train

The Runaway Mine Train is a themed roller coaster designed to mimic a thrilling ride through an old mining operation. It’s intended for families and younger guests, providing excitement without being too intense. The coaster features gentle drops, twists, and turns, creating a sense of speed and excitement. The ride is relatively smooth and not overly high or fast, making it suitable for children and those new to roller coasters. The duration of the ride is typically short, allowing guests to enjoy a quick thrill, and usually has a minimum of 2 lap runs.

  • Height Requirements: There is usually a minimum height requirement to ensure the safety of all passengers
Runaway Mine Train Gallery


Location - Dino Stone Park
Category - Kids Rides
Capacity - 12 Riders
Opened - 2007
Manufacturer - Zamperla
Restrictions - 104cm
Adults can also ride


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