Head For Heights?

Get ready to step back in time and go Jurassic as you take to the skies and soar like a dinosaur in a real one-of-a-kind experience that can only be found on this fantastic Star Flyer!

Pterodactyl will spin you, thrill you and enchant you as you soar to new heights allowing you (the rider) to take a trip back in time and experience what it would have been like to fly through the sky like the dinosaur this ride is named for!

This fantastic Soriani Star Flyer will also give for some truly breathtaking views of the park as you spin a full 360 at heights matching that of Cliff Hanger at 151 feet!

Overall if you yearn for the freedom of flight then look no further as Pterodactyl will quench your firsts when it comes to providing you with that much-needed flight-based adrenaline fix.

Pterodactyal Gallery


Location - Dino Stone Park
Category - Thrill Rides
Capacity - 12 Riders
Opened - 2012
Manufacturer - Soriani
Restrictions - 122cm


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