Spin Spin Spin!

Hop aboard and take your seat as you prepare to spin a full 360 on the world’s first-ever Zamperla Mega Disk-O! However, spinning is just half the fun you can expect from this fantastic thrilling flat.

In addition to spinning, you will also rock backwards and forwards climbing and descending on a purpose-built U-shaped track. This in our opinion provides some brilliant ‘Oh Crap!’ moments as you climb ever closer towards what looks to be the very edge of the track ever fearful that you will eventually fly off.

So hop on board and navigate your way in every direction as you submit to a ride that encompasses everything a family-based thrilling flat should whilst allowing you to live life on the edge (literally) and laugh your head off as you do so.

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Location - Flamingo 1
Category - Thrill Rides
Capacity - 40 Riders
Opened - 2005
Manufacturer - Zamperla
Restrictions - 122cm

Banded Mongoose

Go Gator

Red Kangaroo