Mumbo Jumbo

Twist, Dive and Hang on this record-breaking coaster as you traverse a twisted steel labyrinth of insane proportions which will have you laughing your head off from start until finish in yet another fantastically unique ride experience brought to you by North Yorkshire’s premier theme park resort!

Mumbo Jumbo – Flamingo Land’s 2009 record-breaking S&S El Loco once boasted the steepest drop on any coaster in the world at the time of opening going ‘beyond vertical’ at 112 degrees and delivers what has widely been considered to be the equivalent of a wild mouse coaster experience on steroids! This is due to the tightly banked turns the ride encapsulates as well as the 2 hangtime-inducing inversions and the ride’s snappy pace overall!

Overall this ride is the epitome of G-force-fuelled insanity and will have all those who choose to experience Mumbo Jumbo for themselves grinning from ear to ear as they disembark at the end and run around for yet another go on what has fast become one of the resort’s most iconic coaster investments in recent times!

Mumbo Jumbo Gallery


Location - The Lost Kingdom
Category - Thrill Rides
Capacity - 4 Riders
Inversions - 2
Opened - 2009
Manufacturer - S&S Power
Restrictions - 122cm

Splish Splosh