Mischief Mansion

Mischief Mansion is a dark ride, where guests journey through a spooky, yet whimsical haunted house setting. The ride features a haunted house theme based on the little monsters with various spooky scenes, special effects, and animatronics designed to entertain and slightly spook riders.

Riders board a slow-moving vehicle that travels along a track through the mansion. Along the way, they encounter various scenes depicting mischievous ghosts, ghouls, and other supernatural elements. The ride is designed to be more fun than frightening, making it suitable for most children and families.

  • Height and Safety Requirements: There are typically height requirements for this ride to ensure the safety of all passengers. Children below a certain height may need to be accompanied by an adult.


Mischief Mansion Gallery


Location - Muddy Duck Farm
Category - Family Rides
Capacity - 2 Riders
Opened - 2001
Manufacturer - W.G.H. Transportation Engineering
Restrictions - 107cm
unless accompanied by an adult