Dare You Ride Kumali

Are you ready to experience what it’s like to race through the savanna just like Flamingo Land Resort’s Alpha Male lion himself? If your answer is yes then there’s only one way you are going to achieve this and that’s to hop on board what can highly likely be considered one of the park’s most iconic coasters to date!

Kumali will have you ‘roaring’ through some of the most insane G-force-fuelled euphoria you are likely to find this side of the North Yorkshire coast. With what has been considered by many as one of the most intense first drops on any coaster at the park it’s easy to see why Kumali has become the firm fan favourite it has since the ride first opened at the resort back In 2006.

Kumali also reaches total speeds of up to 54 mph, reaches total heights of up to 117.8 ft, has a total track length of 2,208.8 ft and features 4 fantastic inversions including the ride’s iconic vertical loop and cobra roll and a great floater airtime packed Zero-G Roll to boot!

This absolute beast of a Vekoma SLC is therefore an absolute must for any who choose to visit. You would be missing out on your ‘lion’s share’ of the fun should you choose not to experience Kumali for yourself when visiting Flamingo Land Resort.

Kumali Gallery


Location - The Lost Kingdom
Category - Thrill Rides
Capacity - 20 Riders
Inversions - 4
Opened - 2006
Manufacturer - Vekoma
Restrictions - 130cm


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