Flamingo 1

3.. 2.. 1.. GO!

Flamingo Land Resort’s Flamingo 1 is a unique attraction that blends the excitement of go-kart racing with the family-friendly atmosphere of the park. Riders get the chance to feel like race car drivers as they navigate twists, turns, and straightaways on the track. The karts are designed to be safe and easy to drive, suitable for both children and adults. Each go-kart can typically hold one or two riders, making it possible for adults to drive younger children who may not meet the height or age requirements to drive on their own.

  • Safety Requirements: There are height and age restrictions to ensure the safety of all participants. Typically, drivers need to be at least a certain height to reach the pedals and be able to drive safely


Flamingo 1 Gallery


Location - Flamingo 1
Category - Family Rides
Capacity - 6 Riders
Opened - 2017
Manufacturer - Preston & Barbieri
Restrictions - 130cm
unless accompanied by an adult

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