Flamingo Land’s massive new attraction is to be called ‘Sik’.

“This is a word which our core market for the attraction can identify with, but also because the theme of the ride is street fashion”

Today Flamingo land said, “We are proud to announce that we are working with our great friends at Sik Silk, a well-known world fashion brand with very local links.”

This multimillion pound project that we called “inversion” had started its testing process this week and is nearing its completion. Starting in 2019 and lengthy delays due to the pandemic had put this project on hold but flamingo land soon got things back on track and have worked really hard to get this to the stage of testing.

What’s the link between Flamingo Land and Sik Silk? 

soon “The owner of Flamingo Land and Sik Silk Gordon Gibb (FL) and Sam Kay, David Johnston and Barry Gill  (SS) have been friends for years and they wanted to join their two successful local brands and tell their respective stories in an exciting project, and what better backdrop than a new world class  roller coaster.”

The Link between both companies will boost advertising for both not just on the Yorkshire coast but worldwide.

About Sik Silk…

“Both companies are a true British success story with very local roots. Sik Silk based in Scarborough with the 3 owners being born and bred there and started their company from one of their bedrooms on a Scarborough Council Estate.”

Sik Silk official website https://siksilk.com

Today’s announcement is another step closer to the grand opening! Flamingo Land has given us a on-ride video taken during the testing of this epic ride!

news source: Flamingo Land Resort

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