Construction update 25th March 2022

Back in 2019, we started reporting about something new coming to flamingo land. We have followed this project code name “inversion” from the start and have been posting regular updates on our Facebook page. We also have a construction timeline that will be available on our website shortly.


The most obvious change in recent weeks is the colour scheme has gone from the red track and yellow supports to a slick grey track and black supports. The repaint is nearing completion with only small sections left to paint.

As you will see in the photos below other areas have had big improvements and we can now see more details on the station layout. 

Pathway & Views

Before work had started in 2019 Velocity that runs parallel to “inversion” had a subway-style tunnel under the launch track allowing visitors to move from one area to another without having to go around velocity, well this walkway has been closed for some time but now we can see what the final plans are for this.

A new sunken pathway has been created that will use the existing tunnel and will pass under both velocity and section of the new coaster! This new walkway will give some amazing views of both attractions.

Station & Queue line

Looking at the station we can see a large glass roof leading out onto the lift hill along with side and end window panels this is to give good observations for the ride operatives on the lift hill. Just below this section, we can see four sets of doors these are the station’s entry and exits.

looking beyond the glass we can see some partition walls, ramps and plenty of cabling. We expect some kind of sound system/visual monitors in this area potentially linking up outside, we would love to see monitors with playback from sections of the track.

Now moving back outside we have a good view of where the main run-up to the station is! located between velocity and the game stalls this area has been given a big clear-out and opened up a rather large gathering/viewing area not only for “inversion but it will give some awesome views of velocity. The queue lines have started to be installed and will pass under velocitys launch hill. 

Other Works/improvements

Flip Flop

back in 2020 rumours has started that Flip flop would be leaving Flamingo Land, jump forward to September 2021 and the rumours had been put to bed! the work that has restarted on Flip Flop was improvement work. 

We can now see maintenance work has resumed this year and the motors at the top have started to be fitted. 

Crazy Combat

Crazy Combat construction is coming along nicely. The old wooden fortress has been demolished and construction on the new one is well underway, we expect this to be open for summer but no official date has been given.

Fencing & Repaints

Over the past month, we have seen lots of small improvements and some are more noticeable than others. New fencing has been erected around the entrance of kumali and velocity, Splash battle is having a repaint along with other queue lines. The whole park is looking very fresh ahead of the 2022 season that starts on the 2nd of April. 

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